Promoting the Vedic Culture

By Bhakti Nilaya das

A sign of a good leader is that he does not request those under him to do something that he is not prepared to do. So before we desire to distribute this Vedic culture to the whole world, we ourselves have to be following it in such a way that nobody can find even a minute discrepency in our practice. People are too attached to their sense gratification and wont be so readily eager to give it up, and although they may have some attraction to the Vedic culture, if the mind can find an excuse for why they should not practice it, they will most likely follow the mind. They are seen that the Vedic culture is the actual original culture with the most bonafide and practical philosophy. They want to see whether this is really what they and their family will want to commit to. They ussualy base their desisions upon seeing the way the current practioners practice. The common question that arises is: ”The Vedic culture has the worlds best philosophy but is it practical for me and my family?” So if the character of the preacher is spotless then they will wholeheartedly embrace this culture, the opposite is also there.