Harinama Ruci Sankirtana around Taipei (Album with photos) HH…

Harinama Ruci Sankirtana around Taipei (Album with photos)
HH Mahavishnu Swami and Harinama Ruci devotees.
In Goloka Vrindavan, all speeches are songs, all steps of walking are dancing, everything is just sweet nectar, and the constant companion in everyone’s heart is the sweet sound of Krishna’s flute.
HH Mahavishnu Swami with Harinama Ruci devotees inspiring the street-artist joining the Harinama by playing his musical instrument
Wherever Maharaji and the devotees go, they always try to enlighten people to take Prabhupada’s books and take part of the chanting and singing Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra in the ways under the circumstances that people are with the available facilities ~
Krishna’s devotee-s are the Artist of all artisits ~ All talents and abilities are because of Krishna’s love to His devotees and the devotees’ love for Krishna ~

Spiritual life sometimes may seem lonely as it’s extremely challenging for determination to go against the material flow, to go against the social trends of fashion, to endure the heat and cold of material temperatures, for getting out of the external layers and layers of material coverings from millions of repeated birth-and-deaths, which people are so bound up by their personal material desires, which are the causes of sufferings ~

Therefore, one must strive for on-going advancing on the path of pure devotional services to Guru and Krishna, faithfully with patience, starting from the hearing and chanting the Hare-Krishna Maha-Mantra ~

Let the body and mind be 24 hours engaging in hearing, chanting, remembering and serving Krishna in all circumstances ~

Simple-Living + High-Thinking ~ ~ ~
Simple-Living for Krishna + High-Thinking for Krishna ~
Krishna Consciousness life is ever-lasting promising to all souls ~
( Singing+ distributing books in the Boulevards around the toppest Tower Taipei-101 area, blissfully bringing up the good fortune to the people, 2017.April-2.)

Jaya Nityananda Gauranga ~
Sri Harinama Sankirtana Ki Jaya ~
Find them here: https://goo.gl/c3NzB7