Iskcon Vrindavan Devotee Care Assisted Living Facility Bhumi Puja

Hare KrishnaBy Kusha devi dasi

His Grace Pancagauda Prabhu gives the invocation speech on 4th April 2017 at the Iskcon Vrindavan Devotee Care Assisted Living Facility’s Bhumi Puja at Deva Lok Colony. Srila Prabhupada wanted the devotees to come to Vrindavan to retire, to finish their days. And it is encouraging that we provide you would say a guest house if you need to come and stay and retire. We see our devoted community really growing and developing all over the world, our congregation and many devotees have spent many many years serving in Prabhupada’s mission, Lord Chaitanya’s mission and although we can say it’s not our responsibility but people do come here to leave and go back home back to the spiritual world. So we’re trying to provide a small facility to assist devotees and help them to be in Vraj, be in Brindavan and this wonderful spiritual atmosphere so that they can actually make perfection of the human form of life. Somehow Krishna arranged that we have devotees who are also interested Kesava Madhavan and his wife Priti they are developers and builders and they liked very much the idea of providing some facility and helping to develop a senior assisted living facility here in Vrindavan dham. So this is a start we hope to have 15 apartments or studio apartments with a couple of caregivers, even a medical trained person on board. We will have those battery-operated rickshaws so that those who want to come to the temple can come to the temple either way, it’s not that far. It’s quite actually a nice atmosphere out here, it’s almost has a bit of a little more of a Vraj feel without all the vehicles and noise. So we’re hoping it stays this way for a long time. I want to thank everyone for coming, so we will now perform the ceremony with the chanting of the Holy Name the blessings of the vaishnavas some yajna a little Prasadam distribution. We have a beautiful project and the cook of Srila Prabhupada is here, Shyama sundar prabhu from Hyderabad, he called me and said you know I’d like to donate to Srila Prabhupada’s Kutir he felt that Prabhupada has given him so much and so he wanted to give back to Prabhupada so he gave and we want to utilize it to its full potential. I think it has a nice little project here will renovate the inside of Prabhupada’s Kutir as well and so the two buildings will be together for the purpose of serving the devotees. Srila Prabhupada ki jaya!