Books Are The Basis bulls And Cows Provide The Oasis

Hare KrishnaBy Daiva dasa

Iskcon Silicon Valley has a most solid reputation for taking wholeheartedly the order of guru and Gauranga, with ‘books are the basis’, as their battle cry. There is no doubt that this community of hard-working, humble and empowered Vaishnavas, will manifest amazing results with this latest venture into cow culture, knowing that all the books that have been distributed, all the seeds of bhakti that have been planted will one day result in millions of people wanting to take up the life of bhakti.  Then we will be sufficiently ready on the farms, where the ‘cows and bulls create the oasis’, for all to take up ‘simple living, high thinking’, living as Krishna Himself lives surrounded by cows and bees in the land of milk and honey.