Throwing Coloured Dyes on Holi

Hare KrishnaBy Gandhari Devi Dasi

We are seeing that now more Iskcon centers are celebrating Holi with burning of Holika and throwing the colored dye festival. So there are some points to be mentioned about these celebrations. I was requested by a senior mataji to share this information. So if there is anything incorrect please excuse me and add your comments. I will share something about Holi from Vedic point as much as I have learnt. The coloured dyes are supposed to be thrown with love signifying blessing to the person “may auspicious, wealth, prosperity accompany you” It is not a wild jombory done in an indiscrimanetory way. It is a sign of jubilation that Holika is killed and Prahalad is saved. So it is signifying victory of good over evil. So in that sense it is spiritual. Another significance is that it is also the beginning of spring. So as there is so much colour in nature inspiring the pro-creative spirit of in all beings including the plants, trees, animals and humans. After the Holi season all the other appearances of other incarnations of the Supreme Lord Krsna comes forth in the new Year besides the Varaha Avatar who places the earth back into its axis before holi. Holi in that way signifies the end of the winter, dark, gloomy season.