Jubilant Celebrations at Rasamrita Kunja, Mayapur. Geetavali…

Jubilant Celebrations at Rasamrita Kunja, Mayapur.
Geetavali Devi Dasi: On the most auspicious occasion of the holy appearance of the chhana avatar Sri Sri Sacigaurasundar there was held a simple but sweet celebration at rasamrita kunja, mayapur on12 march 2017.
At the first there held a drama which was performed by small kids on lord Caitanya’s pastimes which was followed by an ecstatic kirtan by ananta pandit prabhu from bali.
After the ecstatic kirtan there was a short talk given by H.H.Subhaga Swami Maharaja in which firstly Maharaja melodiously chanted the following verse
sabe mile krpa kari
karaha karuna
adhama patita jane
na kariha ghrna
Emphasising the sweetness of the syllable ‘Krishna’ maharaja mentioned that Srila Rupa goswami states that it tastes so much that you should have millions of mouths for tasting it ,when it enters into your ears you feel like nectar and that you should have millions of ears, when it enters into the mind it becomes unconscious and when it goes to the heart it becomes the place of the lord.
Still pointing that even if we chant the holy names of Krishna because of offensive tendency we can’t achieve love of godhead. So the only way is to take shelter of the holyname of māhāvadanyay Sacigaurasundar .
ki sayāne kiba jāgarane
whatever you are doing every moment discuss about Krishna’s and gauranga’s name, form, beauty, pastimes.
Maharaja also explained that how Srila Prabhupada told that every six to seven years there’s a flood in mayapur which indicates that this waves of love of godhead will spread all over the world every town every village.
mayapur sama dham
tribhūvane nay. Anybody living in dhām is most fortunate.
Maharaja further explained that being most compassionate lord Nityananda pr begs the fallen condition souls to meditate, chant, and preach the holy names of lord gauranga and thus assures by doing so they will become His very life and soul.They are the essence of all incarnations, most munificent.
saba avatāra sāra siromani
kevala ānanda kanda
And thus maharaja ended by performing a short kirtan of
bhaja gaurānga kaha gaurānga
leha gaurāngera nāma re ,thus conforming ,“ If you follow this process you will find everything joyful ”.

After the enthusiastic talk there was a drama and abhishek performed to their lordships nitai gaurasundar firstly by Srila Prabhupada desciples like H.H.Subhaga Swami, H.G. Prabha Vishnu pr followed by others and concluded by nice prasad.
All glories to the most merciful lords nitai gaurasundar!