Being effulgent

Hare KrishnaBy Sukhayanti Devi Dasi

In July of 2005, I met the devotees for the first time. I was a young hippie girl, looking for something else that life could offer without really knowing what it was. I went travelling in Europe thinking maybe it could be found there. The East Germany rainbow festival had about 3000 people attending that year, I was there too. By the end of 3 weeks in that festival I was getting tired of it. It felt so fake. All those so called transcendentalist, I felt like I was being cheated. You would see young and old westerner man walking around calling themselves “babji” while having 10 ladies following them and smoking chilom most of the day. I was just thinking how I would really like to get out of that place and go find somewhere where I can really dive deep into spirituality. I was considering asking around where I could attend a Buddhist silent meditation retreat. That is when the devotees appeared. I was in charge of the kitchen that morning and out of no where these monks walked into the kitchen asking me if I can look after their bags as they put up their tent. They were all dressed in their devotional clothes (or at least that is how I remember them), they had their shaved heads and a unique effulgence. I was drawn to them because it was clear that they were true spiritual practitioners.