Indians Gear Up For The Festival Of Color, And Some Americans,…

Indians Gear Up For The Festival Of Color, And Some Americans, Too.
Caru das said that it had always had good participation of Indian-Americans. “But when westerners started flowing in like a river, the people from India became less visible. “But we still have several hundreds of Indian Americans, if not thousands, along with 50,000 Americans who gather at the temple from Spanish Fork and other neighboring cities like Springville and Provo for the two- day festival. This, in fact, is the largest Holy festival in the United States,” Adhikari said.

To a question, he said he believes that the festival appeals to Americans because in essence there is similarity between the messages of Lord Jesus Christ and Lord Krishna. “In the western culture, Lord Jesus Christ gave two commandments— love God with all your soul, all your heart and your entire mind, and said love your neighbor like you love yourself. Lord Krishna observed the Holi festival as a way of increasing love between himself and his devotees. So, originally it’s about divine love between Radha and Krishna,” he said.
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