Umang Festival at ISKCON Gaya (Album with photos) On 29th…

Umang Festival at ISKCON Gaya (Album with photos)
On 29th Sunday evening, Umang Festival was celebrated at Dharmsabha Bhawan, Gaya by ISKCON Youth Forum, Gaya. More than 500 students attended the festival from Gaya Engineering College, Gaya College, Magadh University, Central University and some other educational institutions. The festival started with a movie “Bina PK” (A movie where all the answers are given to the questions asked at PK). After that, a seminar on “Mind Your Mind” was given by Hg IsvarNam Prabhu(Director, IYF, Bhagalpur). Hg Rambhadra Prabhu(Director, IYF, Bihar) delivered the concluding points. A drama on “Me & Mind” was performed by the IYF, Gaya devotees. Thereafter the students enjoyed the Mantra Rock and delicious dinner…Iskcon Gaya website was launched….Please visit
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No Whites! (Album with photos) Indradyumna Swami: Yesterday I…

No Whites! (Album with photos)
Indradyumna Swami: Yesterday I went out with devotees on a Food For Life program in a Zulu township near Durban here in South Africa. As we drove to the township Vrindavan Candra das, who heads up Food For Life in Durban, told me the township was one of the most notorious in the country.
“On average there are 10 murders each weekend”, he said. “The situation is so bad that the police rarely, if ever, enter the township.”
“And we’re going in there?” I asked a little surprised.
“Lord Caitanya is the deliverer of the most fallen,” he replied with a smile. “Plus I convinced 3 policemen to accompany us with AK-47’s,” he said. “They like what we do.”

As we entered the township we saw a big sign that read, “No whites!”

“Don’t worry.” Vrindavan Candra said looking over at me. “The people love us. They are the poorest of the poor and down and out. We’re feeding them prasadam, giving them Srila Prabhupada’s books and having kirtan with them. They truly appreciate.“

Then he paused and said, “But do be careful.”

“Sounds good,” I said. “I’ll take some photos to show the devotees around the world what an amazing service you guys are doing down here.”
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The Fallacy of Fault-finding

Hare KrishnaBy Madhavananda Das

Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami: You have no right to chastise, no right to correct anyone. You are not guru. Guru has that right. If you see something and you have a good heart, “He is doing something wrong that is detrimental to his bhakti.” Then go to him, pay obeisances, and tell him confidentially, not in front of others, “O my brother, I see this thing and it pains me very much that you are doing this and this. This is a great impediment on the path of devotion. I fear you will not be able to make any advancement. Therefore I am coming to you and telling you. O my friend, please don’t do it. Be serious about your bhajana. Continue reading

Radhadesh Mellows 2017 (Album with photos) Srila Prabhupada:…

Radhadesh Mellows 2017 (Album with photos)
Srila Prabhupada: The vibration of Krsna’s flute is always prominent in the ears of the gopis. Naturally they cannot hear anything else. Constant remembrance of the holy sound of Krsna’s flute keeps them enlightened and enlivened, and they do not allow any other sound to enter their ears. Since their attention is fixed on Krsna’s flute, they cannot divert their minds to any other subject. In other words, a devotee who has heard the sound of Krsna’s flute forgets to talk or hear of any other subject. This vibration of Krsna’s flute is represented by the Hare Krsna maha-mantra. A serious devotee of the Lord who chants and hears this transcendental vibration becomes so accustomed to it that he cannot divert his attention to any subject matter not related to Krsna’s blissful characteristics and paraphernalia. >>> Ref. VedaBase => Madhya 21.145
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