Minutes from Euro RGB Meeting in Mayapur

The European RGB gives its blessings for Hridaya Caitanya’s taking up the position of a Co-GBC for Mayapur. Hridaya Caitanya Dasa plans to stay in Mayapur/India 6 months out of the year. The rest of the year he will take care of his present zone in Europe. After 2 years the RGB and Hridaya Caitanya will review his service in Mayapur. Read more ›

Celebration of the Appearance Day of Gadadhara Pandit in Mayapur (Album 83 HR photos)

Gadadhara Pandita is an incarnation of Srimati Radharani, the internal potency of Lord Krishna. But because Lord Caitanya is Krishna acting in the mood of Srimati Radharani, Gadadhara Pandita, although Radharani, did not act in the mood of Radharani–because there can be only one Radharani. Gadadhara Pandita understood, “This is Krishna’s time. This is Krishna’s opportunity to relish the loving ecstasy of Srimati Radharani, so I will keep my mood of Radha in the background and just support Him in His experience of Radha-bhava.”

It is also said that if Gadadhara Pandita had manifested the nature or feature of Srimati Radharani, then Krishna, who was trying to absorb Himself in the mood of Radharani, would have become attracted to the Radha outside of Him and wouldn’t have been able to maintain His inner mood as Radha. So Gadadhara Pandita, to facilitate Lord Caitanya in His pastimes, played the perfect role to complement and support the Lord–that of a perfect brahmana, very gentle, very submissive, very scholarly, very sober. Read more ›

Integrity in Construction

Dusyanta dasa: In Oxford in the UK a farmer had made a grandiose plan that began in 2012. His idea was to show and illustrate in a practical way that the whole contamination of capitalism can be defeated by individuals. As devotees this is one of the purposes of Iskcon ; to live a simple lifestyle that is natural and then to teach that to others, to escape from the ugly capitalistic influence. Continue reading

Huge Harinam party for King’s Day in Amsterdam April 26th 2014 (full video)

By Parasuram dasa

We are presently standing in the middle of a massive Harinam party in Amsterdam, for the King’s Day celebrations. About 150 devotees, many are young boys and girls which gives us hope that the movement is moving . Fired up dancing brahmacaris in saffron robes, and the energy is contagious, the general public can’t control themselves, they are caught up in the dancing frenzy. Continue reading

First time ever Jagannath Rathayatra at Bhavnagar

By Basu Ghosh Das

Bhavnagar is one of the large cities of Gujarat, located in the Southeastern side of the Saurashtra peninsula. Named after it’s founder, Raja (King) Bhavsinhji Gohil, it was founded in 1724.1. Presently Bhavnagar is the sixth largest city in Gujarat, after Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda (Vadodara), Rajkot and Jamnagar.2 The population of Bhavnagar is six lakhs (6,00,000)3, but unofficially it is probably more. Continue reading

ToVP and Akshaya Tritiya: A good day to give a Golden Brick

By Vraja Vilasa das

Friday, May 2nd, is Akshaya Tritiya, considered to be an extremely auspicious day on the Vedic calendar. It is a day bereft of all inauspiciousness and any endeavors engaged in on this day will have all success. It is totally unnecessary to check the muhurtha (time of day) for any activity undertaken on this day. The word Akshaya means “that which never diminishes”. Whatever services or dana (gifts) offered to the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna or his devotees on this day receives manifold eternal benefits. Continue reading