UDGAAR – An Expression of Goodness and Joy – The Mega Festival in New Delhi

Hare KrishnaBy Bhakta Hardik Kathuria

ISKCON Youth Forum, the youth wing of ISKCON Delhi (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) organized the biggest ever youth festival by ISKCON in Delhi-NCR titled “UDGAAR – An Expression of Goodness and Joy” on 14th October at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Delhi. The festival marked the initiation of their “Value Awareness Campaign” all across Delhi-NCR. It gained the audience of 6000+ youths from Universities across the nation. India’s Union Human Resource Development(HRD) Minister Mr. Prakash Javadekar was the Chief Guest at the event. Member of Parliament Mr. Bhupedra Yadav and MD-NBCC( National Buildings Construction Corporation) Mr. Anup Mittal were also present on the dais, alongwith VCs(Vice Chancellors) of YMCA and Sharda University. The event was also attended by heads of prestigious educational institutions such as Ramjas College, Jaipuria School of Business and others. Continue reading


Srila Prabhupada about cooperation (152 pages)

Hare Krishna All of you work cooperatively. Cooperative spirit. Work cooperatively for spreading this movement. Working cooperatively (Letters). You should all work cooperatively to push on this movement

The Strategic Initiatives of the GBC

Hare Krishna Srila Prabhupada wanted ISKCON’s temples to be centers of intensive devotional service, especially in the form of the five main practices essential to bhakti-yoga: chanting the holy name, hearing Srimad-Bhagavatam, worshiping the Deity, serving the Vaishnavas, and living in a holy place. He also wanted the temples to serve as hubs for outreach, where the spiritual lives of our guests could blossom. While some of our temples are meeting these objectives, many are struggling. This initiative examines Srila Prabhupada’s instructions about temples and applies a “best practices” and mentorship approach to helping all ISKCON’s temples better fulfill their purpose.

Male – Female Relationship Seminar in London

Male – Female Relationship Seminar by HG Devaki dd

London College of Vedic Studies was honored to have HG Devaki devi dasi (Founder, Institute for Spiritual Culture) deliver an instructive and relevant seminar entitled ‘Being in Harmony with the Opposite Gender’, on Saturday 22nd September 2018. The College serves as the educational wing of ISKCON-London, offering a wide range of educational, spiritual and practical courses, seminars and workshops aimed at nurturing character, personal fulfillment and spiritual progression.

About the Name “Hindu”

Hare KrishnaBy Sri Nandanandana das

I feel there needs to be some clarification about the use of the words “Hindu” and “Hinduism.” The fact is that true “Hinduism” is based on Vedic knowledge, which is related to our spiritual identity. Many people do accept it to mean the same thing as Sanatana-dharma, which is a more accurate Sanskrit term for the Vedic path. Such an identity is beyond any temporary names as Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or even Hindu. After all, God never describes Himself as belonging to any such category, saying that He is only a Christian God, or a Muslim God, or a Hindu God. That is why some of the greatest spiritual masters from India have avoided identifying themselves only as Hindus. The Vedic path is eternal, and therefore beyond all such temporary designations. So am I calling the name “Hindu” a temporary designation? Continue reading