Chanting with Harinama Ruci and the Harinama Ashram on the…

Chanting with Harinama Ruci and the Harinama Ashram on the ‘L’ Train in Brooklyn (3 min video)
Krishna-kripa Das: Here’s a video from one of the best New York subway harinamas I have ever participated in. It was inspiring to see so many commuters willing to take part. Thanks to the Harinama Ruci world harinama sankirtana party for coming to New York City and inspiring us at the Harinama Ashram and blessing the City.
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Hare Krishna! Sankirtana Musings Or Praise Among…

Hare Krishna! Sankirtana Musings Or Praise Among Friends
Satyaraja Dasa: And, so, I am back to revering Sankirtana, as I did in my youth. Today, I think of Sankirtana as an extension of Krishna’s pastime of “taxing the Gopis.” First expressed in Chandidasa’s Sri Krishna-kirtana and then in Rupa Gosvami’s Dana-keli-kaumudi, this story tells of when Srimati Radharani and Her girlfriends were carrying dairy products along a country path. Suddenly, Krishna appears out of nowhere and, pretending to be a revenue official, demands a “tax” for allowing the girls to pass. First He merely wants to tax them for their dairy goods, but then He decides to tax them for their beauty as well. This scenario will conjure up a line that is familiar to the Sankirtana devotee—“the citation line”—wherein the devotee acts like he is giving a person a citation ticket for any number of reasons, not least for looking “too beautiful.”
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Hare Krishna! Choosing To Forgive Mahatma Das: The sastras are…

Hare Krishna! Choosing To Forgive
Mahatma Das: The sastras are full of stories of forgiveness: Ambarisa forgiving Durvasa, Parikshit forgiving Sringi, Narada Muni forgiving Daksa, Prahlada forgiving Hiranyakasipu, Haridas Thakura forgiving the guards who beat him, Nityananada forgiving Jagai and Madhai, Parasarama forgiving those who stole his family’s kamadhenu cow. Srila Prabhupada forgave anyone who came to him to serve Krsna. And of course Krsna forgives all of us no matter how sinful or blasphemous we were. Sastra implores us to forgive. The Srimad Bhagavatam lists forgiveness as one of the qualities of civilized human beings. And Srila Prabhupada asks us to be forgiving so we can cooperate to spread the movement. Yet despite the examples of devotees demonstrating incredible acts of forgiveness, despite the sastra telling us to accept suffering as a token reaction of our karma, despite Prabhupada’s plea for us to forgive, and despite the cleansing it can do to our hearts, forgiving is difficult for many of us. Devotees often say, “I was so deeply hurt that I just don’t know how I can forgive.”
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The Walking Monk Retraces Prabhupada’s Journey Bhaktimarga Swami…

The Walking Monk Retraces Prabhupada’s Journey
Bhaktimarga Swami has become famous as “The Walking Monk” from his treks on foot four times across his native Canada, as well as across Ireland, Israel, Fiji, Mauritius, Guyana and Trinidad. On each walk, he shares his message of reconnecting to a simple, natural, and God-conscious life with the media and locals along the way. The Swami’s current walk, however, may mean the most to him on a personal level. Dubbed “Walking for our Teachers,” its theme is to honor all teachers in a broad sense—but in a more specific sense, Bhaktimarga’s own guru. “Personally, we’re walking to honor ISKCON’s Founder-Acarya Srila Prabhupada, who was at the cutting edge of animal rights, vegetarianism, going back to the land, and of course spiritual enlightenment,” he says. “People know the Hare Krishnas, but they don’t know about the person behind it all. So I feel it’s our mandate now to let people know who Prabhupada was.”
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Hare Krishna! The Best Birthday Present! Vijaya dasa: This is…

Hare Krishna! The Best Birthday Present!
Vijaya dasa: This is about how the biggest book distributor in the USA, Bhakta Jaya Khush, came to Krsna consciousness. At his tenth birthday party, someone gave him as a present: Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad Gita As It Is. At the time he thought, “Who has the nerve to give me a book for my birthday?” Ten years later, he’s a music producer traveling around with a famous musician. This musician is quoting the Bhagavad Gita to Jay Khush, who’s shocked that a famous African-American is quoting the book of his religion to him (he was born a Hindu) and knows it better than him. That made him curious, so when he went home after a tour he decided to read it, and he found out that the present he received was the best present he ever received. He started visiting the Radha-Raman Temple, an hour away from the Los Angeles temple. Every morning he would go to mangal-arati for six months.
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