The preaching has already begun in the Temple of Vedic Planetarium

By Sadbhuja Das

Stories of preaching the glories of the TOVP usually conjure images of sannyasis speaking to crowds of devotees, or Ambarisha prabhu addressing rooms full of eager donors. How often does the audience think of Bengali laborers? Interestingly, it is this section of the Mayapur community who are often overlooked. Beyond the glories of artistic creations, architectural marvels and engineering feats beat the hearts of a population of Indian workers who put together the pieces of this amazing puzzle. Continue reading


By Srila Prabhupada

If I am thinking, “I am suffering,” it is also Krsna’s grace. We should take like that. Even in my consideration, I am in a position which is apparently suffering, we must accept as Krsna’s grace: “All right, I have surrendered to Krsna. If Krsna is giving me suffering, that’s all right.” That is surrender. “Oh, I have surrendered to Krsna, and now Krsna is giving me suffering? Oh, leave Krsna consciousness.” That is not surrender. Surrender means in any condition you’ll remain surrendered. Continue reading

ISKCON NEPAL 18th Anniversary of Sri Sri Radha Govinda Hari (166 photos)

Celebrating 18th Anniversary of our beloved Sri Sri Radha Govinda Hari 14th April 2014, Monday. It had been 18 years of the deity installation @ ISKCON Nepal, Buddhanilkantha. With the Special Presence of His Holiness Mahavishnu Swami and 2000+ Devotees & Visitors. And In Nepal its a New Year too. So visitors also came to have darshan Everyone were gifted by a A4 sized Radha Govinda Hari Photo and a Back To Godhead Magazine.. everyone seems to be happy for getting those New Year Gifts. Read more ›

The Iskcon Cow Protection Culture

By Dusyanta dasa

Because Iskcon is a spiritual holistic society it means Iskcon can demonstrate the alternative to capitalism. When defining the original and conclusive purposes of Iskcon Srila Prabhupada also included a lifestyle principle as well as many other spiritual practices. The 6th purpose of Iskcon is aimed and directed to all members of Iskcon towards their lifestyle so that the whole of Iskcon is single pointedly and united to gaining these goals of life. Continue reading