Street Spirituality High streets are intriguing places; a…

Street Spirituality
High streets are intriguing places; a microcosm of modern life. It’s where people descend in their thousands, searching for something extra to enrich their existence. These urban hubs are a melting pot of entertainers, campaigners, shoppers, beggars and advertisers, a marketplace for the latest commodities and ideas, a space for meeting, sharing and exploring. Here you’ll find people from every imaginable socio-economic background, swarming like bees around a hive.

Assessments in Mayapur Academy (Album 11 photos) “The…

Assessments in Mayapur Academy (Album 11 photos)
“The essence of all Vedic knowledge-comprehending the three kinds of Vedic activity, the Vedic hymns, and the processes for satisfying the demigods-is included in the eight syllables Hare Krishna Hare Krishna. This is the reality of all Vedanta. The chanting of the holy name is the only means to cross the ocean of nescience.” (Narada-pancharatra)

Hare Krishna Melbourne (Album 5 photos) “The Children at…

Hare Krishna Melbourne (Album 5 photos)
“The Children at the Albert Park kinder had been excited about us doing a program there since the day we met with the teachers to arrange the program. Being a kindergarten we made a few modifications to the program from the one we usually take into primary and high schools. We had traditional wear, face painting, stories from the puranas, kirtan, henna art, maha cupcakes and maha garlands.

No More Cattle Raising on the Planet of the Trees

Hare KrishnaBy Lalitanatha dasa

To this day, almost forty years after the passing of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prab- hupada, confusion still reigns among some devotees about his desires and instructions regarding how he wanted his main legacy, his transcendental books, taken care of. Thus some devotees continue to express doubts regarding the posthumous editing and correcting that have been done on Srila Prabhupada’s books by his publishing company, The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. These doubts have in some places escalated to the point of causing schisms among His Divine Grace’s followers. Continue reading