Sri Radhastami Celebration from ISKCON SALEM, Tamilnadu, INDIA (Album 77 photos)

If a devotee once utters the holy name of the Lord, or if it penetrates his mind or enters his ear, which is the channel of aural reception, that holy name will certainly deliver him from material bondage, whether vibrated properly or improperly, with correct or incorrect grammar, or properly joined or vibrated in separate parts. (Sri-Caitanya-caritamrta, Antya-lila, 3.60) Read more ›

Radhasthami celebrations in Varsana amidst high security measures

The following notices have been given.

No one will be allowed to enter the temple with electrical items like cellphones
Entering with bags or suitcases will also be forbidden
Separate entrance and exit ways have been designated for those coming for darshan
Devotees are asked to avoid pushing and overcrowding
Women should not wear expensive jewels and decorations
No one should touch abandoned luggage
Nor should people spread rumors. Any suspicious activities should be reported to the appropriate authorities. Read more ›

Who went West – Srila Prabhupada or the Holy Name?

Hare KrishnaBy Antardwip das

Some people hold that, having been prophesied by scripture, by Lord Chaitanya and by the previous acharyas, if Srila Prabhupada had not spread Krishna Consciousness, some other devotee, or some group of devotees, would have been empowered to do so in Srila Prabhupada’s place. In other words, the prophecy to spread Krishna Consciousness around the world relied on empowerment, rather than an empowered individual, for its fulfillment. It is similar to saying that if we were empowered like Hanuman, we could also jump to Lanka. But is empowerment all that is needed? Can anyone by empowerment do any prophesied task as well as anyone else? Continue reading